Honeycutt Southern - Not Backing Down EP Artwork

New Music: Not Backing Down

Heads up, rockers! March 15th, 2024, marked the launch of Honeycutt Southern’s latest EP, ‘Not Backing Down’, and it’s already making waves across streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Featuring four killer tracks, this EP is a testament to the band’s gritty sound and unapologetic attitude. Here’s what you’ll find on the tracklist:

  1. Sick Twisted Paradise
  2. No Saving Me
  3. Neckin’
  4. Test My Faith

From the edgy vibes of “Sick Twisted Paradise” to the punchy beats of “Test My Faith,” each song brings its own flavor to the table, showcasing Honeycutt Southern’s range and staying power in the music scene.

So if you’re craving some fresh tunes to spice up your playlist, look no further than ‘Not Backing Down’. Stream it now and crank up the volume—trust us, your ears will thank you later.

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