The Nonsense Chronicles podcast with Honeycutt Southern

Honeycutt Southern feat. on The Nonsense Chronicles Podcast

Honeycutt Southern, the sensational rock band that’s taking the music scene by storm, recently sat down with Rob and Doug of The Nonsense Chronicles podcast for a candid and electrifying conversation. The main topics of discussion? Their brand-new single, ‘Gettin’ My Ass in Gear,’ their live performances, and the fascinating story of how this incredible band came together. Honeycutt Southern shares their passion for live performances and the electric connection they have with their audience.

You can listen to the full conversation and get to know Honeycutt Southern on The Nonsense Chronicles podcast using the links below:

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Don’t miss out on this incredible discussion that will deepen your appreciation for the rock music scene and leave you eagerly anticipating the band’s future endeavors. Honeycutt Southern is a force to be reckoned with, and ‘Gettin’ My Ass in Gear’ is just the beginning of their musical journey.

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